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Marie Lorenz, Somkey Hill River (underwear)
Ink Print on KozoShi MM1
16.5 x 16 inches
Marie Lorenz’ Printmaking Process for Prints in “Ctrl+P”:

The prints are made with sumi ink on mulberry paper. I start with an object (it can be large like a jet ski or small like a glass bottle), and I paint the surface with a mixture of ink and rice paste. I press the paper around the object. It is a process similar to 'fish printing' which was developed by Japanese anglers to record the size of their catch. If the object is large, I paint and print the object in stages; each plane of the jet ski's hull, for instance, or each plank of a boat. I try and record every inch of the object's surface, so that the print resembles a flat diagram or pattern of the three dimensional object.

-- Marie Lorenz, 2012
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