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Marie Lorenz, Mill Basin (jetski)
Ink Print on KozoShi MM1
132 x 192 inches (11 ft x 16 ft)
Artist Marie Lorenz’ Description of Recent Projects:

Since 2002, I have been exploring the waterways of New York City in boats that I design and build. I take passengers, or more recently, explore alone with a videocamera. I study tidal charts of the harbor and use the current to push the boat. From this perspective, things I encounter every day take on a new significance. I believe that the act of floating has an impact on observation. The viewer maintains an awareness of their balance and form as they absorb the details in their surrounding. This kind of observation creates something new out of something familiar. My boat projects are an attempt to un-know the metropolis by continually exploring it.

Recently, I began collecting objects that I find around the harbor, and making record of them in different ways, by printing, casting, or making videos. When the water rises during a storm and pulls objects into the harbor, the tide acts like a giant centrifuge, reorganizing things according to their shape and density. I collect and record the
objects as another way to collaborate with the tide. I want to preserve the mystery of each discovery, like beachcombing, or finding a hidden treasure.

-- Marie Lorenz, 2012
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