julie chae projects
Curatorial Project: Elia Alba's "The Supper Club"
In collaboration with theAgoraCulture.com, I co-presented Elia Alba's Supper Club project on November 7, 2015 at the home of Jessica Stafford Davis in McLean, Virginia. For images and more info, see: https://www.theagoraculture.com/the-agora-culture-debuts-artist-elia-albas-supper-club-in-washington-d-c/.
From a New Cultural Revolution in China, "Xingyi Hu: Unidentified"
My review of young Shanghai artist Xingyi Hu's solo NYC exhibition "Unidentified" appears in the Huffington Post at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/xingyi-hu-unidentified_b_7200424.html.
Curatorial Project: "Silk Road Remixed" at the Kennedy Center
On March 1, 2015, Nicky Enright (as DJ Lightbolt) and Adriel Luis performed at the Kennedy Center in the "Silk Road Remixed" program produced by the Washington Performing Arts Society. Nicky and Adriel headlined as the visual/multidisciplinary artist-counterparts to Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Project who also performed at the Kennedy Center that evening. You can see their performances at: http://www.kennedy-center.org/video/index/M6240.
Curatorial Project: "Treasure Island" at Lower Eastside Printshop (October 1 - November 9, 2014)
I curated a group exhibition of prints for the Lower East Side Printshop and its artists. The works I selected from the applicants showcase the diverse and wide range of art being created at this premier printmaking studio. "Treasure Island" includes works by: Theresa Bloise, Amanda Church, Amy Friedberg, Esperanza Mayobre, Ali Medina, Bundith Phunsombatlert, Felix Plaza, Paul Shore, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Juana Valdes, Daniel Vasquez, Liz Zanis and Anya Zelinska.
The Cultural Landscape Architects: Thomas J. Lax
My interview with Museum of Modern Art Curator Thomas J. Lax, formerly with the Studio Museum in Harlem, appears at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/the-cultural-landscape-ar_1_b_5497593.html.
Dean Kessmann, H.W. Janson and 'A Layered History of Art'
Dean Kessmann's site-specific installation A Layered History of Art: From Semitransparent to Opaque is a forty-foot long horizontal scroll digitally collaged with pages of that art bible, H.W. Janson's History of Art. My review and story of the work on view at Furthermore LLC in Washington, DC appears at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/dean-kessmans-a-layered-hw-janson_b_5433772.html.
Duke Energy, Greg Lindquist and Mary Mattingly
My story on art by Greg Lindquist and Mary Mattingly and their timely North Carolina exhibition in response to Duke Energy's 3rd largest coal ash spill in U.S. history appears in the Huffington Post at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/duke-energy-greg-lindquis_b_5086951.html.
Curatorial Project: "WPA Hothouse Video: Jacolby Satterwhite" (February 8 - March 28, 2014)
I curated a solo exhibition and mini-retrospective of Jacolby Satterwhite's videos, prints and installations for Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) at Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, DC. Jacolby is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art and was about to be featured in the 2014 Whitney Biennial; it was nice to be able to bring him back to the DC area with so much international attention on him. This exhibition kicked off WPA's Hothouse Video series, so I was able to determine (with a little negotiation) where to place the video monitors to enhance the feeling of entering Jacolby's video-worlds. The Capitol Skyline Hotel is currently headquarters of the WPA as well as the venue for the (e)merge art fair and is owned by art collectors Mera and Don Rubell.
Washington Post: "Gallery Opening of the Week: Jacolby Satterwhite"
On February 7, 2014, Michael O’Sullivan featured WPA's Hothouse Video: Jacolby Satterwhite in his Editorial Review for the Washington Post's Gallery Opening of the Week: "The Washington Project for the Arts showcases a rising art star in its new video-art series."
Interview with WPA about Jacolby Satterwhite Exhibition at Capitol Skyline Hotel
On Feruary 5, 2014, I did an interview with WPA's Deena Hyatt about Jacolby, his art and the exhibition I organized.
Conversation With Andrew Schoultz
My interview with large-scale installation/mural/street artist and former pro skateboarder Andrew Schoultz appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/conversation-with-andrew-_b_4037798.html.
Curatorial/Editorial Project: Guest Editor of Arts in a Changing America
In April - July 2013, I developed and edited stories/articles as Guest Editor for a new online arts journal called Arts in a Changing America (artsinachangingamerica.org; originally: artsinachangingamerica.net). For this project, I wanted to present interesting traditional and non-traditional art writings with multimedia features incorporating text, images, sound/music and/or video and to focus on themes related to cross-cultural pollination and the most current developments in public art and multidisciplinary art. The journal moved to a new website location in 2015 and many of the multimedia files did not make the migration from the original webpages, but I am still thrilled with the pieces written by:
Shani Peters, "U.S.->U.K. ->S.K. and Back: Observations on the Western World's Fat Clogging of Arteries and Sugar Coating of Truth";
Jayson Keeling, "iona rozeal brown's CHOICH!";
Raquel de Anda, "Nuria Montiel -- An Engaged Curiosity";
Nicky Enright, "Rumi Nations";
Amanda Church, "Rico Gatson, 'The Promise of Light' at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts";
Sara Reisman and Saul Ostrow, "The Social Function of Art"; and
Michael Paul Britto and Jayson Keeling, "The Suspect War / Stop The Frisk"
Washington Post Announces Ctrl+P Among "BEST of 2012"
The Washington Post featured Ctrl+P among the "Best of 2012" in its year-end review of art, theater and dance in DC: "Customary expectations for prints were literally blown up by this wide-ranging group exhibition.... Beside more recent techniques and technologies, the selection included examples of such traditional forms as woodcut and letterpress. The attitude, however, was experimental and contemporary." The full article appears at http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/washingtons-best-art-gallery-exhibitions-of-2012/2012/12/06/8d02b8a2-3b23-11e2-b01f-5f55b193f58f_story.html.
Huffington Post Announces Ctrl+P as "Groundbreaking" in Banner Headline
The Huffington Post announced Ctrl+P on the front page of its Arts section on 7/20/2012 with a banner headline and image: "NEW DIRECTIONS; Groundbreaking Group Printmaking Show Debuts."
"Ctrl+P" Press: Washington Post
Great review of 'Ctrl+P' appears in the Museums section of the Washington Post on 8/10/2012 at http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/exhibits/ctrl-p,1231743/critic-review.html.
Curatorial Project: "Ctrl+P" at AAC
I co-curated a large, non-traditional printmaking exhibition with Kristina Bilonick in 'Ctrl+P: New Directions in Printmaking' at the Arlington Arts Center, the largest non-Federal contemporary arts center in Washington, DC. On view June 22, 2012 - September 16, 2012, the opening was on Saturday, June 23. More information is available at http://juliechaeprojects.com/artwork/2696430_Ctrl_P_At_Arlington_Arts_Center_June_22.html and here.
Review of Miguel Luciano's DREAMer Kites
My review of Miguel Luciano's DREAMer Kites project appears in Arts in a Changing America at http://www.artsinachangingamerica.net/2012/12/01/miguel-lucianos-dreamer-kites/.
An updated excerpt of this review appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/miguel-luciano-dreamer-kites_b_2278306.html.
Trajal Harrell: The Next Martha Graham Has Arrived!
An excerpt of my conversation with Trajal Harrell appears in the Huffington Post at www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/trajal-harrell-photos_b_1946973.html.
Interview with Hudson of Feature Inc.
My interview with Hudson of the legendary art gallery Feature Inc. appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/feature-art-gallery_b_1881266.html.
Conversation with Ali Banisadr
My interview with Ali Banisadr appears in Arts in a Changing America at http://www.artsinachangingamerica.net/2012/09/12/conversation-with-artist-ali-banisadr/.
An excerpt of this interview with Ali appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/interview-with-ali-banisadr_b_1848347.html.
Review of Liz Markus: '11'
My review of Liz Markus: '11' appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/liz-markus-11-at-ille-art_b_1638206.html.
Wilmer Wilson IV’s 5×5 Public Art Project in DC: Henry ‘Box’ Brown: Forever
My review of Wilmer Wilson IV's Henry 'Box' Brown: Forever, a three-part performance suite commissioned by DC Commission on Arts and Humanities’ 5×5 Public Art Project appears in the debut of Arts in a Changing America at http://www.artsinachangingamerica.net/2012/07/02/forever-wilmer-wilson-iv-and-the-colonial-legacy-of-the-u-s-post-office-by-julie-chae/.
Interview with Nicelle Beauchene in the Huffington Post
My interview with Nicelle Beauchene, President of NADA and Owner of Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae/nicelle-beauchene-gallery_b_1469420.html.
Interview with Yona Backer in the Huffington Post
An excerpt of my interview with Yona Backer, Founder of Third Streaming, appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae.
Interview with Scott Zieher in the Huffington Post
An excerpt of my interview with Scott Zieher, Co-owner of ZieherSmith, appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae.
Conversation with Lisa Gold in the Huffington Post
An excerpt of my interview with Lisa Gold, Executive Director of the Washington Projects for the Arts (WPA), appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae.
KCLOG: Out and About with Julie: Corcoran Gallery of Art
Many Washingtonians celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day by visiting the Corcoran Gallery of Art's exhibitions: 30 Americans; Hank Willis Thomas: Strange Fruit; and Gordon Parks: Photographs from the Collection.
Interview with Curator Herb Tam in the Huffington Post
An excerpt of my interview with Herb Tam, Curator and Director of Exhibitions at the Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA), appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae.
Interview with Camilo Alvarez in the Huffington Post
An excerpt of my interview with Camilo Alvarez -- Owner, Director, Curator and Preparator of Samson -- appears in the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/julie-chae.
KCLOG: Out and About with Julie: (e)merge art fair
a very casual pictorial essay on the fun i found at the (e)merge art fair in washington, dc: http://kclogblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/ou.
Dotto Lotto Press
Check out the smart and funny review of DOTTO LOTTO by Howard Hurst in Hyperallergic:
"Connecting the Dotts at Winkleman Gallery."
A terrific video on NewArtTV of Melissa Brown and DOTTO LOTTO by Max Fierst:
Curatorial Project: Melissa Brown's Dotto Lotto at Winkleman's Curatorial Research Lab
My curatorial project of Melissa Brown's Dotto Lotto project in on view Sept 9 - Oct 15, 2011at Curatorial Research Lab @ Winkleman Gallery, 621 West 27th St., NYC 10001.
More information available at http://juliechaeprojects.com/section/251.
Jayson Keeling's Solo Exhibition
October 28, 2011 – February 25, 2012, See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy. at 3rd Streaming in SOHO.
Trajal Harrell in 2011
Fall performances include:
November 13, 2011, Avant-Premiere of Antigone Jr at Third Streaming in SOHO.
November 18 - 20, 2011, Trajal Harrell and Sarah Sze: The Untitled Still Life Collection at The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston.
Top 10 of 2010
Vince Contarino and Kris Chatterson, those terrific dudes at KCLOGBLOG, asked Julie Chae to submit her end-of-the-year list of Top Ten exhibitions for 2010. They appear at KCLOG: Julie Chae: Top Ten of 2010.
Time Out New York Names Trajal Harrell One of Year's "Best"
The New Museum of Contemporary Art invited back Trajal Harrell to perform "Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S)" which sold out its run there in October. Featuring artwork by Franklin Evans, "Twenty Looks" is recommended by the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/03/arts/0) and was chosen as one of the best dances of 2009 by Time Out New York (http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/danc). It is the second year in a row Trajal's choreography has made TONY's "Best Dances of the Year" list. January 7 & 8, 2010. For more info: http://www.newmuseum.org/events/417 and
Jayson Keeling in 30 Seconds Off An Inch
Congratulations to Jayson Keeling whose installation art is on view at The Studio Museum in Harlem's "30 Seconds Off An Inch" (November 12, 2009 - March 14, 2010). This highly-anticipated exhibition displays work by outstanding black conceptual artists such as Glenn Ligon, David Hammons, Nadine Robinson, William Pope L., Chris Ofili, Dave McKenzie and Shinique Smith, among others. Jayson works in video, painting, photography and sculpture/installation, and he had a held-over solo exhibition last month at the Abrons Arts Center of Henry Street Settlement called "Behind the Green Door."
Trajal Harrell at Performa 09
After critically-acclaimed, sold out performances in October at the New Museum with "Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S)" featuring artwork by Franklin Evans, Trajal Harrell performed in Wangechi Mutu's "Stone Ihiga," a Performa 09 Commission, November 13th -15th at Saatchi & Saatchi, in New York.
Trajal Harrell & Franklin Evans at New Museum
The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York presents Trajal Harrell's "Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S)" featuring artwork by Franklin Evans (October 1-2, 2009). In this work, critically-acclaimed choreographer (and longtime friend of the gallery) Trajal Harrell explores the question: “What would have happened in 1963 if someone from the voguing ball scene in Harlem had come downtown to perform alongside the early postmoderns at Judson Church?” More info: http://www.newmuseum.org/events/371 and at: http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/danc.
The Cursed Chateau Curated by Tim Hutchings at IndyMOCA
Art by Alexander DeMaria and Todd White were on view at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art during August - September 2009 in "The Cursed Chateau," an exhibition and book curated by Timothy Hutchings. IndyMoCA presented a satellite exhibition of "The Cursed Chateau" with additional artwork in a booth at GenCon 2009 (August 13-16) in Indianapolis. See http://timothyhutchings.com/Site/Cursed.
Burton Commissions Todd White for Snowboard Design
Todd White has been commissioned by Burton Snowboards to create original artwork for their 2011 "Deuce" snowboards. We're snowboarders here.
Franklin Evans' Installation at Sharpe Foundation Studios
Franklin Evans transformed his entire studio at the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation SPACE Program into a large-scale installation for the SPACE Program's Open Studios (April 24 - 26, 2009). A one-year project that will continue until August 2009, this time-specific installation is composed of discrete components, some as small as a brushstroke on a piece of tape that is moved around, and explores the systems/concepts of time, measurement and "-scape," among others.
Kelly Sherman Solo Show in Boston 2009
New work by Kelly Sherman was on view in her solo show, "Success & Happiness" at Barbara Krakow (May 30 - July 3, 2009).
Chris Abrams in "De/Construct II" in Providence, RI
Christopher Abrams' on-site installation "Portend" is on display at "De/Construct II" in Providence, RI's Jewelry District during April 2009. See http://deconstruct2.blogspot.com/. Chris, an important friend of the gallery and former teacher/mentor to numerous terrific artists including Natasha Bowdoin and Alex DeMaria, is currently teaching art at Brandeis University.
Alexander DeMaria in New American Paintings
Check out New American Paintings Book 80 (2008-2009 Northeast Edition). Hot off the presses, this "exhibition-in-print" features Alexander DeMaria, among others, and presents a considered review of promising young artists by juror Jen Mergel, ICA/Boston Associate Curator.
Franklin Evans - El Museo del Barrio Acquisition
El Museo del Barrio acquired several works by Franklin Evans for its permanent collection in December 2008.
Todd White at Privateer Gallery (11/15 - 12/21/08)
Works by Todd White are on view at Privateer Gallery's "Freaks" exhibition in Brooklyn, New York. Some other artists in the show include: Trenton Doyle Hancock, Lamar Peterson, Jason Irwin, Derrick Adams and Peter Saul. On view November 15 - December 21, 2008). See |http://privateergallery.com/
Christopher Davison at Rose Art Museum/Brandeis (9/26/08 - 12/14/08)
Four works by Christopher Davison are on view at the Rose Art Museum’s Invisible Rays: The Surrealism Legacy. Curated by Director Michael Rush, this spectacular exhibition presents thirty artists from the Rose’s permanent collection including Dali, Ernst, Tanguy, Pollock, Rauschenberg and Johns, among many others, who found inspiration in surrealist dreams. The special “dreamscape” design of this exhibition pays homage to Marcel Duchamp’s design of the 1938 International Surrealist Exhibition at the Galerie Beaux-Arts in Paris. Bring your own flashlight or borrow one from the Rose, but do not miss this show! On view September 26, 2008 - December 14, 2008.

See http://www.brandeis.edu/rose/exhibitions
2 Dec. 2007 Boston Globe Critics' Picks - Visual Arts
On the Horizon

Dorota Kolodziejczyk's edgy, lush color field-style paintings at Julie Chae Gallery play bait and switch with landscape, deftly treading the line between abstraction and representation. For the works in "Dorota Kolodziejczyk: Scenic," she stains and pours paint vertically on the canvas, sometimes prodding it with a brush, then turns the work on its side so all the verticals read like horizon lines. Those horizons build into shifty, spacious landscapes, but look twice and they flatten into an all-surface ode to color. At 450 Harrison Ave., through Saturday. 617-357-0001, juliechae gallery.com

- Cate McQuaid

30 Sept. 2007 - Ken Johnson "Picks" Us
According to Boston Globe Art Critic Ken Johnson, we are a "Globe Pick" for art galleries and events in September and October of 2007. Excerpt:

Globe pick:
There's a new gallery in town, and it's currently hosting a lively exhibition of paintings, drawings, and prints by 14 estimable, mostly New York-based artists.

The show includes vibrant Pop-style abstractions by Amanda Church, images and patterns densely layered in ink and watercolor by Franklin Evans, and a deadpan portrait by Jackie Gendel.
--- Ken Johnson, Globe staff
(Link: http://calendar.boston.com/boston-ma/eve)