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Melissa Brown, Lichen (Double) and Floorboards, installation view at AAC

Lichen, 2012, woodcut on rag paper, 50 x 55;
Lichen (shade), 2012, woodcut on rag paper, 50 x 55;
Floorboards, 2012, woodcut on banner fabric, 88 x 72
Photo: Jessica Bither

Melissa Brown made these prints at AS220 Community Printshop of Providence, RI, using one of the largest presses available on the East Coast. Brown is one of the many artists in "Ctrl+P" who makes prints that are unique artworks, usually incorporating handmade elements onto each print. She is known as a painter and conceptual artist as well as a printmaker. She has a BFA in Printmaking from RISD, where she was a part of the Fort Thunder movement and an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Yale.

A constant theme in her work is taking objects from the public realm and incorporating them into "fine art."
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