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DOTTO LOTTO video sample
by Melissa Brown
Approximately 2,500 people completed Dotto Lotto connect-the-dot puzzles on Business Reply Mail postcards and dropped them into mailboxes.

Many remain anonymous, but a few of the participating artists include:
Taylor McKimens, Misaki Kawai, Marie Lorenz, Jeff Williams, Brian Belott, Annie Pearlman, Zach Needler, Matthew Thurber, Rebecca Bird, Chuck Webster, James Franklin, Ilsa Murdock, Eddie Martinez, Billy Grant, Dave Richard, Joe Grillo, Ted Gahl, JF Chapelle, Peter Barrickman, Tyson Reeder, Noah Lyon, Robin Cameron, Jason Polan, Denise Kupferschmidt, Sylvan Lionni, Marci MacGuffie, Carla Edwards and Jonathan Ehrenberg....

Between 1,500 - 1,600 of the participants are New York City public school students from the Bronx. The following awesome teachers shared Dotto Lotto postcards with their students:
Sheeri Novick and Zoila Minaya at PS 28 Wright Brothers;
Marta Media at Cardinal Hayes High School; and
Danny Castillo at New Heights Academy Charter School.
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