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The art of Brian Chippendale make evident his profound involvement with Fort Thunder, an underground music and art scene in Providence, RI, described in 2006 by Roberta Smith of the New York Times as an "immensely rich cultural movement." Chippendale, one of the co-founders of Fort Thunder, makes silkscreen prints and collages, publishes cartoon books with Picturebox Books and drums with Lightning Bolt. He has exhibited with D'Amelio Terras and CANADA galleries in New York, and was featured in "Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to the Present" at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum in 2006.


"Early Worm Gets the Bird," Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
"MACRONAUTS," Curated by Dan Nadel, Andres Melas Gallery, Athens, Greece
"Prelude," Julie Chae Gallery, Boston, MA
"NEW MUTANTS," Curated by Dan Nadel, CANADA, New York, NY

"SETS - Brian Chippendale," Front Room, D'Amelio Terras, New York, NY
"Kamen Rider Lives: Mask Show" presented by Little Cakes, NY, Diepzout, Maastricht, Netherlands
"70 more artists to be announced," New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Brian Chippendale, Jungil Hong, Noah Lyon & Paper Rad," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI

"Underbelly of Dream Sprouted from White Bean Yellow Bean: Brian Chippendale & Jungil Hong," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"Li’l Rhodies," curated by Nato Thompson, MASS MoCA & Mandy McCorkle, Contemporary Art Center, North Adams, MA
"FRESH: New Work 2005," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"P Towns: Philadelphia & Providence," New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Printed & Pinned," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"Chazan’s Choice," Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
Solo Exhibition, Reg Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England

Group Exhibition, Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"Glasses are Free," Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL
Group Exhibition, Flynn Farm, Los Angeles, CA

"Body of Work 2003: a survey of contemporary art in Providence," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"On the Wall," Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

"Firehouse 13," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"Paper Rodeo," Space1026, Philadelphia, PA
"Body of Work 2002: a survey of contemporary art in Providence," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI
"Honey Bears Habitat" (window installation), Dirt Palace, Providence, RI
"Promassive," Gallery Agniel, Providence, RI

"Las Sucias Presents,"Las Sucias Studio, Brooklyn, NY
"Immaculate Corpse," Nautilus Fine Art, Block Island, RI
"Move #7," New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA
Adobe Books, San Francisco, CA
CANADA, Providence, RI
Live Work Space
"Thundertown," Space1026, Philadelphia, PA

New Urban Arts, Providence, RI
Fort Thunder, Providence, RI
Olneyville County Fair
Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA
1Pixel.com, Philadelphia, PA
"Fort Thunder," Space1026, Philadelphia, PA

"Cookie Doughnation," Win Gallery, Providence, RI
"Fort Thunder," Revolving Museum, Boston, MA
Space1026, Philadelphia, PA
"New Talent" (Two-Person Show), Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA

Solo show, AS220 Window Gallery, Providence, RI
Space1026, Philadelphia, PA

"Post No Bills," Woods Gerry Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI

"Printmaking Senior Show," Woods Gerry Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI

"Troublemaking," Benson Hall Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI


1994 – Present: Lightning Bolt (with Brian Gibson)
Selected Discography: 1998 Lightning Bolt, 2001 Ride the Skies, 2003 Wonderful Rainbow, 2005 Hypermagic Mountain. Toured Japan, Europe, and over 40 states.

1999 – Present Mindflayer (with Mat Brinkman) Selected Discography: 1999 CD It’s Always 1999, 2001 CD Take Your Skin Off, 2005 LP Die and Mold Services, 2005 CD Expedition To The Hairier Peaks.

2005 – Present Black Pus Selected Discography: 2005 Black Pus, 200 limited edition CDRs with silkscreened covers, 2006 Black Pus 2, 350 limited edition CDRs with silkscreened covers.


"Ninja Comics I – V," available September 2006, Picture Box Inc., New York, NY.
"Maggots," 380-page comic book to be released by Load Records, Providence, RI.

"SPX 2005 Anthology," edited by Brian Ralph, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Vienna, VA.
"Free Radicals," edited by Leif Goldberg, Paper Rodeo, Providence, RI.
"Live Through This," edited by Jeffrey Deitch and Kathy Grayson, Deitch Projects, New York, NY.
"Battlestack Gallacticrap," handmade comic book, silkscreened cover.

"Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion," edited by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.
"Peanut Butter Ninja IV," offset printed comic book, silkscreened cover

"Ninja I – III," handmade comic books

"Non#5," red ink press

2000 & 2001
The Baffler, issues 12-14

2000 - 2002
Paper Rodeo, issues 2, 4-18

1995 - 1999
"Maggots Issues I – IV," hand made comic books


1991 - 1996
Rhode Island School of Design


2005 – Present
President, Diahreahrama Records

2004 – Present
Resident/Precarious Appendage, Hilarious Attic

2002 - 2003
Director, Candle Factory, underground performance space

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, fellowship in printmaking

2000 - 2004
Co-editor, Paper Rodeo, periodical of comics and illustrations

1997 - 2000
Co-editor, Monster I – VI, handmade Fort Thunder comic books

1995 - 2001
Founding member of Fort Thunder artist collective, performance space, and live-in installation