julie chae projects
Kris Chatterson, Untitled
acrylic and acrylic transfer on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Photo: Jessica Bither

Kris Chatterson grew up experimenting with many processes for making images, including printmaking. When invited to a printmaking residency in Tampa, FL at the Graphics Studio after his first solo exhibition in 2006, Chatterson made a series of monoprints (which reflected the gestural abstract paintings he was making at the time). And these monoprints have been the main source of his unique "digital transfer" paintings since 2009. In this way, Chatterson's paintings and prints constantly "give and take" from each other, and the print collages are a natural growth of this process. Chatterson began to experiment with test prints of the digital transfer prints and began to physically combine them into collages, which is a process similar to the way he creates his paintings.
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